It represents a training course

aimed at dancers under 27 who wish to deepen the study of
contemporary performing arts.


STUDIO XL was created in 2017 in order to carry out activities of social value in favor of members
or third parties, non-profit, in full respect of freedom, dignity and equal opportunities of the
members. The activity in particular is aimed at organizing and managing cultural and artistic
activities of social interest as well as implementing education and professional training


We boast a twenty years experience in teaching dance and performing arts

  • Intense – 6 hours a day of classes during 10 months
  • International – choreographers, dancers from all over the world and residences in the UK
  • Stimulating – multidisciplinary, transversal, surprising
  • Active – it collaborates with schools, companies and theaters to create shows and performances

The course provides for an intensive study lasting 8 months that includes research and staging,
between Italy, England and Spain. National and international professionals participate in the project with the common intention of forming new dancers and improving their scenic and expressive technical qualities with assisted paths aimed at building their own professional identity.


Sharing an idea, a project, a passion is one of the best things that can happen to you. Federica
Formentini knew it and taught it to us. Our mission will be to pursue her dream, a dance aimed at
everyone without any discrimination, where the strength of one’s desires is the only thing that
Ours is an amateur sports and social promotion association. We believe in the values of community
and gathering, where sport, art and well-being become a lighthouse for values such as friendship
and brotherhood.
The training course is aimed at people with professional and/or training dance experiences, with
previous skills gained through professional and non-professional experiences and paths.
No specific characteristics are required regarding the qualification held. Knowledge of at least one
foreign language is also positively assessed.
For dancers aged 18 to 26. THE COURSE IS AT CLOSED NUMBER and participation in the
auditions is mandatory.
Our association is affiliated with U.I.S.P. because we believe and share the thought that sport should
be for everyone, without any discrimination. By becoming one of our member, you will be a cardcarrying
member of sport for everyone.


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