STUDIO XL is looking for dancers from 18 to 26 years old. An 8-month specialization study program that strengthens, connects and puts into action choreographers, dancers and international companies. The course provides for daily training, research and staging between Italy, England and Spain. National and international professionals participate in the project with the common intention of forming new dancers and improving their scenic and expressive technical qualities with assisted paths aimed at building their own professional identity. During the academic year 2020-2021, in addition to the resident teachers, international artists such as Yael Cibulski and Leila McMillan will be hosted, and international residences at Trip Dance in London organized to work with different choreographers, including Jorge Crecis and Becky Namgauds. Due to the current situation, a video pre-selection is available. A date for the audition in person will be communicated as soon as possible. To apply, send an email to info@studioxlcontemporary with the subject AUDITION 2020.
The email must contain: 1) biography / CV |  2)  a picture | 3) link to the video of a contemporary variation (maximum 3 minutes)

    Biografia o curriculum:

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